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mad old poem I wrote… “THE TIDE”


I call to the tide,
to take me away,
but it is only you,
that has lead me this way.

a given gift,
a remarkable blessing,
addressed to me,
with honorable and beautiful dressing.

I sit and wonder,
through all my stride,
but I’ve come to know that it is only you,
that is this tide.

and so I thank you,
with all my heart,
and I know through all my spirit,
that we shall never part.


the badass of television, forever.


the badass of television, forever.


A lot of girls on here get praise for doing nothing other than posting photos of themselves and they swear that’s a fucking achievement, like bitch, do you exist outside of an aesthetic or is your intellect as minuscule and temporary as your beauty?

“You’re saying that now, ‘cause you feel like you have nothing to look forward to. Like you’re just working to pay off bills and sustain a living; to survive. I know it’s hard not having ANYONE in your life, ‘cause for people like us it’s a lot easier to just say fuck it, and not bother with trying to trust someone. I know right now people seem to not be good to you. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be happy. I know you’re motivated and dedicated to your job; hell I know it’s one hell of a distraction from any bullshit I may or may not be going through. You need to really think about what makes YOU happy; what you WANT. ‘Cause I know I’ve set a few small goals for myself and I want to make sure I see them through. Even if I don’t get what I want in the end, at least I tried. You have to keep trying bro. Tomorrow is another day, but you have to like get off your phone and really just focus on what YOU want for yourself. I know you spoil yourself with clothes and sneakers ‘cause that’s what you love. But I know that momentary happiness isn’t nearly as incredible as consistently growing to that point of happiness. You’re the hardest worker I know. If I could give you my job I would. ‘Cause I know it would make life easier. I know it has for me. I take it for granted because it’s not my source of happiness. It never was. It was a distraction. Most of all, what makes me happy won’t always make everyone else happy. I know you want to leave your mark on this Earth. But believe me, your job is not it bro. It’s not. Ask yourself what really makes you happy. I know right now, knowing that my family knows I’m alive and I continue to keep communication with them allows me to not feel so alone. I know that by being good to my girl, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle I’ll be happy. She makes me happy. I make her happy. She’s not my only source of happiness. I want to train, train as hard as I can to be able to fight. I’ve always loved Martial Arts and I never thought I would pursue it, but I never forgot my teachings. I want to build on my art, even if I don’t get into the UFC or if I get fucked up. I still want to do it. I want to smoke weed and have fun with my best friend, I wanna always come home to my girl or you or both and talk about our days and just keep on growing. I’m happy helping people. That makes me happy. Being able to influence or touch another human being’s life and say “I made a difference, even in the smallest way, I made a difference”. Every girl I’ve ever been with, every friendship I’ve ever had, I somehow managed to touch their lives. Whether it be in a positive or a negative way, we take these experiences and these women set the standard for who you truly want to be with. You’ve opened your heart up to women that truly don’t deserve you. I’m sorry for that. But this is a small world we live in. You want to find someone, or at least have someone to understand you, talk to you the way I do, listen to you, you’re going to have to keep trying. That negative attitude (I know it’s difficult to push away) has to be pushed away. Don’t give up on yourself bro. Try, and keep trying to find the answers you seek.”

Sean Nole

"Don’t Give Up"

(via toneramirez)


This dude right here.

This is Sean Dino Nole, my brother and best friend.

Although we may not be related by blood, I’m closer to this dude than any family member I have. I might at well call him my brother, or at least the one I never had.

Him and I have been through it all. Good and bad, thick and thin. It comforts me knowing that he’ll have my back and I’ll have his forevermore.

Ride or die.



This is me as of present date. I don’t look any different than I did three years ago, but differences are there.

The photo was taken in my store, representing how much I work and how dedicated I’ve been to my job. That’s what my life is. Work. But we’ll get to that later on…



This is the embodiment of the mind behind all this.

Although this was taken nearly three years ago, I feel like this photo best represents me. In this photo, I appear to be in mid speech, explaining furthermore how I am a go to person to a loved one’s help. At 24, I feel like I excrete more advice and wisdom than most would. I am wearing a rolled up button down shirt, portraying a casual and proper yet relaxed Tony. That’s exactly how I am. It furthermore shows metaphorically that I’m always trying to do the right and to look and feel good whilst doing it.

This is me.

Photo cred goes to a beloved friend, Suelin Hosang.