We all want the things we can’t have and most of the times, they are the things that are bad for us. Why is it in human nature that we perpetually gravitate towards things that destroy us? From toxic people to detrimental behaviors, and bad habits - we seem to be drawn to things, places, and…

The night begins…


Nike Air Jordan III ‘Infrared 23’


New Balance 577 ‘Carbon Fiber’ (by alex_3000)


straight friend: aw I don’t understand why you’re still single

me: because approximately 8% of the us population identifies under the lgbtq community where 1.1% identifies as lesbian female, 3.5% as bisexual female, 1.7% as gay male, 1.1% as bisexual male, .3% as trans, and .3% as something else, then there’s finding someone who I’m compatible with emotionally, physically, and romantically from less than 8% of the population, and may or may not live near me